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Top Considerations when Buying a Family Home

Aesthetics are usually top of mind when out on the house hunt – a beautifully presented home can often make us fall hard. And when we have that strong emotional attachment to what a home looks like, it makes it easy to overlook the details; like, is this house actually liveable for my family?

Reigning in the emotion can be difficult. So, to help you see a little more clearly through the rose-tinted glasses, we’ve compiled a checklist of considerations to ensure that perfect home really does perfectly suit your family’s needs.

  • Does the number of bedrooms suit your family now, and into the future? (e.g. are you planning on more children, or will an elderly parent be moving in?)
  • Is there enough wardrobe and storage space?
  • Does the floorplan cater for your family now, and into the future? (e.g. do you want the master bedroom on the same level as the other bedrooms, do stairs matter, how far is the garage from the kitchen, is the garage internally accessible, is there a good outdoor area for children to play; if children can’t play outside, is there enough room inside?)
  • Will the layout still work well when the children are older? (e.g. a separate living area for kids and adults?)
  • Are kitchen cupboards accessible for everyone in the family?
  • Would you prefer an island bench in the kitchen for informal eating for the children, as a homework space etc.?
  • Do you need, and will you actually use, separate dedicated formal spaces? Or is an open plan better suited to your family?
  • Do you need a dedicated office space, or is an office nook in a main living space enough?
  • Large families may need a dedicated laundry room, while smaller/older families may only need a compact laundry inside a bathroom/kitchen cupboard.
  • Does the home have good natural light?
  • Is there ample off-street parking if required? Do you need a fully enclosed garage, or just a carport? Will you need to pay for on-street parking?
  • How close are the nearest primary and secondary schools, and day care facilities? What are the costs of the enrolling your children, how long will the commute be by car or public transport?)
  • Does the neighbourhood suit the desired lifestyle (e.g. can children play outside safely, is the house on a busy/main road, are there scenic walkways, do your neighbours have children/pets and how does this match with your family, are nearby businesses noisy at night?)
  • Is a hilltop position suitable for families with young children (e.g. Learning to ride a bike/rollerblade/ skateboard becomes difficult)
  • Are there parks, playgrounds or dog parks nearby?
  • Are hospitals in close proximity?
  • What public transport is accessible to my area (e.g. school bus, work commute etc.)
Rosalie Crowder

Rosalie Crowder

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